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Nautilus Spatial Mode - Here I Go!
42, Hogwarts
With the recent clamour over Nautilus' default spatial-paradigm navigation mode as the default in Fedora, I decided to take a page from the book of David Nielsen and force myself to use spatial mode for a few solid days (at least). Having been a "Browser" user mostly of habit since I first started with Linux in 2003, I want to know first-hand why this decision is making so many people upset.

I'll report back soon with my findings! :)

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Most people complaining about spatial seem unaware of middle-click (or shift+left click). Don't forget it.

Good to know. Thanks!

for me middle click became such a reflex move that i find myself using it even when i find myself using a Windows desktop... but it took a loong time to get here, more than "a few days".

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