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Deluge 1.0+ for Fedora 9
42, Hogwarts
(Also posted on the Fedora Forums.) Hi, all. [...]
Since upstream has decided to no longer support the 0.5.x series (and also by popular demand ), I've begun to build official F-9 packages for recent Deluge releases. An update is currently enqueued and should hit updates-testing on a mirror near you soon.

Please note that these updates will likely stay in the testing repositories indefinitely though, as the 1.0 series is a near-complete rewrite and thus requires recreation of many aspects of a user's configuration - and I do not wish to intentionally break existing configurations for those users who are happy and comfortable with (the latest stable update for F-9).

That said, however, I intend to continue pushing new updates to the F9-updates-testing repositories as they come out and I as push them to F10-updates, so whenever you need to update it on Fedora 9, it should in theory be as simple as:
yum --enablerepo=updates-testing-newkey update deluge
Another benefit to this is that you can verify that it is an "official" and far more trustworthy package to install/use, through Yum's use of package-signing and whatnot.


I've decided against this; and will shortly push the packages to my personal webspace instead.

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How badly will it blow up queues?

All of your current torrents and their statuses will persist through the upgrade, but you'll need to recreate your preferences entirely.

Bad use of updates-testing

That's really not a good solution. Updates-testing is not supposed to be a junkyard for packages which will never hit the stable updates. It's supposed to be a place where updates targeted for the stable updates go for a few days for some testing, then they get promoted to stable, fixed (and testing starts for the fixed version, so it's back to square one) or withdrawn (unpushed). Stuff you know will never hit stable should not be in updates-testing, it should be in a personal backports repo somewhere (e.g. fedorapeople.org).

Re: Bad use of updates-testing

I had decided upon this in the hopes that these can go stable one day (once there is some config-migration stuff in place); but that's not likely to happen so perhaps it is best that I post the packages to my personal webspace instead, as you mention.

I apologize for the misuse.

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