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Today is November 15, 2008....Today is November 15, 2008....
42, Hogwarts

Apparently much of southern California was once again ablaze today, but this time it seemed almost as if the end of the world was nigh for a while. All of the ash and smoke from the flames turned our beautiful blue sky into an ugly orange-ish red hue for several hours earlier. We even had our A/C turned on full-blast for much of the day, solely to help keep out the pungent stench that we inevitably inhaled upon opening any of our doors or windows. Our cars had just been washed too, and now they're all covered in a fine gray blanket of ash and particulate.

Reports from friends say it came pretty darn close to us, too: there was especially quite a lot of traffic around the CSU, Fullerton area as people got out of Brea and Yorba Linda. :O

The following images were taken without altering my phone's camera settings in any manner; I merely pressed "Take Picture." This is truly how bleak it seemed. The first one is looking almost straight upward, and the second is looking to the east of my street - both only a few feet outside my front door.

Burnt Sky - 1 of 2

On the Fedora side, a recent kernel update seemed to completely make Grub go ker-splat; but booting from the trusty LiveCD and running the grub-install script manually seems to have fixed it. Just to be sure (and to kill a bit of time instead of watching news about the fire earlier), I reinstalled Fedora 9 entirely and updated to today's builds, and the error does not persist.

That means it was a one-time fluke, or so it seems. Those are the worst sorts of bugs. :\


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